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Finding the right tables, supplies and parts for your organization
At Prairie Event Supply, we work closely with you to find the perfect tables for your needs. We carry folding tables in the popular lightweight plastic. Tough wood top tables, or the traditional Monroe type laminate top tables. Cocktail tables are also available in wood or laminate tops in addition to our weather resistant plastic tops, in both the cocktail height and dining height.
Prairie Event uses 20 years of experience in the business of providing the very best quality tables for every application. Whether you are a banquet hall, church gathering space, fairground or Rental Company we will provide the best products at a fair price.
Replacement parts for all tables are also available. We carry the very best tables and Monroe Replacement Tablefor your facility! Replacement floor glides and leg sets are available for purchase.

Laminate Top Tables

Laminate Top (Monroe Type) Tables

A Staple in Churches across the Country with an attractive finish, easily cleaned, durable
and colors to closely match existing tables.
3/4" Plywood Core with High Pressure Laminate
Will Not Peel or fade
15 ga. steel legs and Steel Frame Undersupport

Available Sizes:
Conference: 18" & 24" X 4'-5'-6'-8'
Banquet: 30" & 36" Wide X 4'- 5'- 6'- 8 -
Round: 48"- 60"- 72"
Card Tables : 36" 48" Square

Plywood Folding Tables

Durable Sturdy Tables
Wood Top Tables in ¾” Plywood or 5/8” Plywood tops with Wishbone Legs
Blonde tops or Stained
Wood Support Runners
Heavy Duty wishbone Legs with Monroe Type Gravity Locks

Available Round Sizes:
30"- 36"- 48"- 54"- 60"- 66"- 72"
Also Available in Square: 48"- 60"- 72"
Available Banquet Sizes:
30” Wide
4’- 5’- 6’- 8’ Long

Premier Series Plywood Tables

Padded or Plywood Tops
Black Square Tube Legs

Specialty Tables 

Serpentine Tables
Half Rounds
Quarter Rounds

Bar Tops

Serpentine and Banquet
For Portable Bars or Buffets
Skirting Also Available

Cocktail Tables

Versatile, Affordable Addition to any Banquet Hall or Meeting Room

Round or Square

Cocktail Height or Dining Height
Adjustable Columns Available
Or Choose the X Fold Tables for Convenience
Dress these up with a Spandex or Table Cloth

Wood Box Frame Tables

These Box Frame Tables were a Monroe Original!
¼” plywood top with ¾” cross member supports
2” wood Frame
Lightweight and Durable

Go Linenless!!

Add a Spandex Cover with an Aluminum Topper for a Finished Look
Made for Round or Banquet Tables
Serpentine Topper Available
Cocktail Table Topper
Maintenance Free, Upscale Look

Laminate Top Mobile Bar / Buffet Tables

Tables may be fully prepared prior to the event and then rolled to the desired location when needed. The detachable riser shelf may be used to add a second tier for buffet setups or to create a mobile bar. The removable lower shelf adds storage capacity. A multitude of uses, ranging from mobile registration tables,
mobile demonstration tables, to mobile computer tables, make these units ideal for use in any facility.

Also Available with Wood Tops

Meeting and Seminar Tables

Wood Top or Laminate Top
18” and 24” Wide
5’-6’- 8’ Long

Conference Room Tables

Kiddie Tables

Laminate Tops or Plastic Tops
Adjustable Legs
Shapes and Sizes Available
Chairs Available

Table Transport and Storage

Heavy Duty Steel Carts
Big Wheels for Easy Use

Round Table Storage

Rectangle and Dual Storage

Understage Options Available

Cocktail Table Storage

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