Commercial Light Weight Plastic Folding Tables 

These tables are the perfect solution for your banquet & cafeteria use - indoor, outdoor or any other application that calls for affordable, lightweight, weather resistant and highly durable folding tables.

Commercial Plastic Tables

These tables are an Iowa Best Seller!!
Affordable and Reliable

Plastic - Rectangular Commercial Lightweight Rectangular Table 

10 Year Warranty
Light Gray Color 
Tops withstand 212 degrees F 

Available Sizes: 
30' X 60" & 30" X 72"- 1,000# Weight Capacity 
30" X 96" - 800# Weight Capacity 
Fold Flat and store 12 high on Available Carts 
(Sold by Monroe Table Company)

Plastic - Round 
Commercial Lightweight Round Table 

1,000# Weight Capacity 
Light Gray Color 
Tops Withstand 212 Degrees 
10 Year Warranty 

Available Sizes: 
48"- 60"- 71" 
Fold Flat and Store on Available Carts

Commercial Lightweight Seminar Table

Comfort Leg Style
Available Sizes: 18" Wide X 60"-72"- 96"
10 Year Warranty
700# Weight Capacity
Fold Flat for Storage on Available Carts 

Rhinolite Plastic Folding Table

This Table is an Iowa Fairground Favorite!
Extra Bracing
Legs can Be Replaced!
The Rhinolite Table offers a 60" Round lightweight plastic table with Wishbone Style
legs that will allow seating around the table with less leg interference.
Also available in 6' and 8' Banquet sizes.
Load Tested to 2400 lbs and 5 year limited warranty
Color: Brown and Tan available with zinc coated silver legs

Available sizes:
30 X 72 Banquet Table
30 X 96 Banquet Table
60" Round Table with Wishbone Legs

The R Series Plastic Table

Durable and Commercial Quality
Adjustable Legs Available
For light weight, easy handling, commercial use where top will be exposed to Foods, Crayons,
Paints, Chemicals, and other Stains
  • Light weight, waterproof, and virtually indestructible one-piece Blow-Molded Plastic Top,
  • resists damage
  • even from Gasoline, Paint Remover, Battery Acid, and Drain Cleaner.
  • Paint and Permanent Marker can be removed without damage
  • Colors go all the way through, will not wear or scratch off
  •  Strong Steel "Ladder" Frame

Adjustable or Standard Legs Available

Round Tables Equipped with Wishbone Legs

Adjustable or Standard Legs Available

Color Choice to brighten Kids Spaces

Mity Lite Tables

Mity-Lite ABS Folding Tables set the market standard for lightweight durability.
Available in a multitude of sizes, shapes, textures and color options, this classic continues
to meet any table need and delivers the best return on investment. Backed by an
unbeatable 15-year warranty and world-class customer support, Mity-Lite ABS tables are
perfect for high-use, high-turn areas and provide years of reliable service.


Round Folding Table


Rectangular Banquet Tables

Table Transport and Storage

Heavy Duty Steel Carts
Big Wheels for Easy Use

Round Table Storage

Rectangle and Dual Storage

Understage Options Available

Cocktail Table Storage

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