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Lightweight ABS Plastic Folding Tables

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These great looking Lightweight ABS Plastic Folding Tables are designed for ease of movement, stacking and storage! Classic ABS Tables feature a skeletal 3/4" solid plywood frame that delivers remarkable strength in a lightweight form. The sturdy frame is then surrounded by an attractive and durable ABS cover. 


  • Premium ABS plastic surface.
  • Strong 3/4” plywood frame.
  • Reinforced edges for added protection.
  • Incredibly secure and maintenance-free bolt-fastened folding legs.
  • Heavy-duty “gravity lock” steel legs.

Available Sizes:

  • Banquet:  30" W X 4'-5'-6'-8' and 36" X 6'
  • Round: 48"- 60"-66"-72"
  • Card Tables: 32" SQ- 34"SQ- 24X 38"Rec
  • Conference:  18" and 24" Wide X 5'-6'-8'
  • Cocktail: 30" Round and 36" Round
  • Serpentine
  • Half Rounds


  • Textured Tops: beige with brown molding and legs, gray with black molding and legs, black with black molding and legs, brown with brown molding and legs. 
  • Smooth tops: beige speckled with black molding and legs, gray speckled with black molding and legs.