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Steel Folding Chair Parts

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Steel Folding Chair Tips

Let us find the parts to make your steel chairs like new again!!

From the Upper caps to the feet, we will find the right size, color at a fair price!

The parts pictured are available in colors: 

Chair Feet

These Chair tips are injection molded plastic, and fit a 7/8" steel frame.

Colors Available: Beige- Gray- Black- Brown-Blue

Folding Chair Upper Caps

Two types of upper caps are available 

#1-For your chairs previously purchased from Monroe Tables in Colfax-(KI Chairs) your current upper caps may have 2 little nubs and a little slot- this has been replaced by the upper caps in the picture marked: Upper Cap Style 1- Available in Beige only

#2- These upper caps are used on the NPS all steel chairs - padded and unpadded. These upper caps in picture marked: Upper Cap Style 2.

 Available in colors: Beige-Gray-Brown-Blue- Black