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Carts and Transport Solutions

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Storage space is at a premium!  Let us help find the perfect solution to not only store your furniture but also transport that furniture.


Chair carts can be your best friend, as long as they have big wheels, straps where needed and make your staff's life easier!  We offer several different solutions for your folding Event Chairs including the popular Mongo Mover.  Add a stack cover or individual chair covers to protect your investment during storage.

  Several styles of carts are available for your Banquet and Stacking chairs.

Each chair has the perfect storage and transport solution- let us help you find it! 


Tables are heavy, even the lightweight plastic tables can be a challenge to move in bulk, but with the appropriate carts with sturdy construction and larger wheels, we make moving those bulky items as smooth as possible. Even your round tables can be moved with ease!

Options are many, so give us a call to discuss the needs of your facility- whether its elevators, outdoor transport or carpet.  We can recommend the perfect cart for you!